Tuesday, February 9, 2010

pt 35 Tirion's fool

"You pompous, arrogant ass!! How dare you send us on this fool's errand!!" The Blood Elf noble calling herself Squish yells at the top of her lungs. Her commanding voice echoing across the sundered entrance of Icecrown citadel.

"Lady Annora!!" Tirion Fordring, commander of the Argent Crusade barks back in response. "You were not sent on a fool's errand. Sylvannas had a hunch that she could find Arthas, and your warband was the best equipped to help her."

"That was nothing but an idiot's wager and you know it Tirion. Lady Sylvannas was bent on nothing but revenge against Arthas!! You gambled with my warriors and we paid the price for your foolishness. If it wasn't for the Ogrim's Hammer coming to our rescue, Arthas would have killed us all!!"

Tirion sighs with frustration.

"Lady Annora, we serve the light and look to it for our protection and guidance. We had to trust it, to try and bring a quick end to this nightmare." the stately paladin says with a gentle smile.

"Don't lecture me about the light Fordring! The Light serves me, and I will use it in good time to finish this conflict with Arthas and the Alliance." Squish snaps back with a sarcastic tone.

An angry scowl replaces Tirion's smile

"Annora!" Tirion growls "Hold your blasphemous tongue. You serve the Light and all that it stands for, not the other way around. This kind of talk will get you removed from the ranks of the Silver Hand, and that is not a pain you want. Believe me, I know what it is like."

Squish stand on the cold, icy stone floor for a moment. Her fists clenched in anger and frustration. It is clear to all standing nearby that she wants to strike Tirion.

"Squish, we need to reform the warband and try to recover our losses." a nearby blood elf warrior says. She, like Squish, is dressed in heavy plate armor and bears the markings of a paladin of the holy order. Her lovely face radiates a peaceful and soothing light. In appearance she looks very much like Squish, in fact, she could even be related.

Squish looks over her shoulder at the woman. "Morenia, you are right. We are wasting our time here. I want you to go back and get Bloodlust prepared. I will join you as soon as I am done."

Morenia frowns at Squish for a moment before turning around and walking out of the entrance way. The click of her plate boots echoing on its icy, stone walls.

"Lady Annora, I want you to reform your warband and meet me here by days end. Now that we have secured the entrance way I want your champions to begin an assault into the main citadel." Tirion says with resolute authority.

"Days end?!? Are you insane Tirion? I can't get..." Squish starts to say.

"That was an order Lady Annora!" Tirion interrupts "If you will not take commands from the Argent Crusade perhaps I should inform Saurfang, or even Garrosh of your incompetence."

Squish's eyes grow wide and a nearly uncontrolled fury overtakes her. It is only her noble demeanor and her secret fear of Garrosh that culls her rage.

"Very well Tirion, days end it is." she snaps back with a cold and bitter sneer.

With a flourish the Blood Elf noble spins around and marches out of the entryway and past the broken doors of the citadel.